Setup Azure Backup Files and Folders

Azure backup allows you to backup either files and folders are entire VMs into Azure. The article runs through the setup of a simple files and folder backup

  • Uses VSS to get consistent backup without shutting the maching down.
  • Only sends deltas – i.e. after the initial backup only changes are sent
  • For pricing information see here

Create Recovery Vault

Logon to the Azure portal and go to the “recovery services vault” section.

You may want to change the backup replication type – either Locally Redundant (LRS) or Geo Redundant (GRS). See here for further info.

Backup Files & Folders

In your recovery vault

  • Download the client.
  • Download the vault credentials
  • Install the client on the computer which contains the files you want to backup.


Create a backup schedule

To manually start a backup use the “Back Up Now” option

File\Folder Data Recovery

To recover data use the Azure client.

Configure Notifications

You will probably want to configure notifications


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