Upgrade Firmware on Cisco SGE2000\SFE2010 Switch

This article explains how to upgrade the firmware on a Cisco SGE or SFE 2000 series switch. The firmware files are uploaded using TFTP so you will need to have this installed on whatever computer you are using to update from (i.e. your PC).

Download Firmware Update and Copy to TFTP

  • The current release for the SFE 2000 series switches (v3.0.2) can be found here
  • The current release for the SGE 2000 series switches (v3.0.2) can be found here
  • Once downloaded you should extract the firmware update file (.ros) and copy to the TFTP directory on your PC. I am using Solarwinds TFTP.

Note I have copied the .ros file into the TFTP directory

Upload to Switch

  • Log onto the switches web interface and navigate to the below screen.

  • Once you have filled out the appropriate info as shown above click on “apply”. This will initiate an upload of the file from your PC.
  • Once complete click “done” and navigate to the “active image” section

  • Change the active image after reboot. For example if the current active image is “Image 1” change the after reset image to be “Image 2”. If the active image is “Image 2” change the after reset image to “Image 1”.
  • Click Apply.

Reboot Switch

  • You must then reboot the switch. Go to the below screen and click on reset.

The switch will reboot and the firmware update should be complete.


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