Setup Cisco WAP200e in bridge mode

In this example I am setting up a Cisco WAP200e to link 2 separate wired network – i.e. acting as a bridge.

The setup is as shown below.



  • I would recommend upgrading to the latest firmware. You can download this from
  • Both networks need to be on the same subnet (as the WAP200e doesn’t route).


Step 1 – Create a Wireless network

On both of the WAP200e’s create a wireless network as shown below:

  • Note that the SSID should be exactly the same on both devices.
  • Set both access points to a particular wireless channel. I recommend using channels 1,6 or 11
  • I recommend using inssider to scan for neighbouring WLANs. Please see my other article for further info

Choose your desired encryption level.


Step 2 – Configure bridge mode

On each WAP200e select “wireless bridge” and specify the MAC address of the OTHER WAP200e. Note that the MAC address of the WAP200E is shown at the top of the AP mode page as shown below.


Step 3 – Troubleshoot

Unfortunately the WAP200e doesn’t provide any information via the GUI on whether the bridge has been established (not that I could find anyway). I recommend just seeing if you can ping the WAP in one site from a PC in the other site.

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  • Hello. I have a problem with the WAP200e. In my network there are three different vlan’s (1,5,8). If I use the WAP200 as a bridge, I can transfer only VLAN 1. In vlan 5 or vlan 8 no ping is possible. I already tried all possible settings. Can you give me a hint? Thank you. T. Grimm

  • Thank you for this guide. There were 2 things I was missing that I learned from your article and made everything work:
    The Wireless Network settings have to match on both ends (SSID, Security), and that the MAC address on the sticker of each WAP is for its wired interface, and I had to use the one listed on the GUI to build the bridge.

  • Hello.
    I have the same problem with my WAP200E as T. Grimm.
    I must transfer a voice vlan to the distant building, but infortunately i found nothing…
    Can someone know if it’s possible ?

  • I found that setting the WAP200E with WAP2000 in bridge-bridge mode works but at reduced throughput in the field . The incredible solution is to use one AP as bridge and the other in repeater mode . It tripled the throughput in my case . This topology works well in my case :mainlan-WAP2000repeater wap2000bridge-switch-wap200Ebridgewap2000repeater .Makes no sense except there are bugs in the firmware (even the latest)

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