Setup Cisco Aironet

Configure Lightweight Aeronet

They will use DHCP out of the box but you can manually configure an IP address by running the below….

lwapp ap ip address
lwapp ap ip default-gateway
lwapp ap controller ip address
lwapp ap hostname CCFC-AP-200

Distinguish between Autonomous and Lightweight Access Points

The easiest way to distinguish between a regular AP and a LAP is to look at the part number of the AP. Run a show hard and check the output

  • LAP (Lightweight AP Protocol [LWAPP])—Part numbers always begin with AIR-LAPXXXX.
  • Autonomous AP (Cisco IOS® Software)—Part numbers always begin with AIR-APXXXX.

The Cisco Aironet 1000 Series LAPs are an exception to this criteria. The part numbers of the 1000 series LAPs are:

  • AIR-AP1010-A-K9 for a 1010 LAP
  • AIR-AP1020-A-K9 for a 1020 LAP
  • AIR-AP1030-A-K9 for a 1030 LAP

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