Citrix are discontinuing Program Neighborhood

Citrix is announcing the end of support for Program Neighborhood in all future online plug-in releases. The Citrix online plug-in v11.0 is the last version to use Program Neighborhood. Classic Program Neighborhood will be supported through the second quarter of 2010.

The Citrix online plug-in v11.0 is the last version to use Program Neighborhood and it no longer installs Program Neighborhood by default (you are required to do this: msiexec.exe /I C:\xenapphosted.msi ADDLOCAL=PN). Version 11.1 no longer includes Program Neighborhood at all (neither do subsequent versions). While Program Neighborhood will still be supported in both of those versions, customers are encouraged to begin planning to adopt a newer client version or migrate to Citrix Receiver. With the v11.2 online plug-in release, Program Neighborhood will no longer be supported.

PN Replacement:

Citrix encourages customers to leverage the Citrix Receiver as the best practice for delivering simple and consistent access to corporate desktops and applications from any device that the employee chooses to use. Receiver automates plug-in updates by checking the server for new versions as they become available. For customers who do not implement Citrix Receiver, newer versions of the Citrix online plug-in will be introduced periodically to include enhancements to the interface and core functionality.


The Citrix online plug-in requires customers to install and configure the XenApp Web Interface service in their environment. XenApp Web Interface was not a requirement for Program Neighborhood, therefore, customers must plan for this change to their XenApp infrastructure. Program Neighborhood allows users to connect directly to a specific XenApp server by allowing them to specify the serverÂ’s address. This feature is used mostly for diagnostic purposes. Even though this feature will also no longer be available, Citrix is investigating development of alternative diagnostic tools to provide similar functionality.

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