Thin Client Printing Tips

The below tips are designed to help with the implementation/management of printers in a thin client (i.e. remote desktop\terminal server\Citrix) environment. I will add to the list as I find others.

Citrix and Remote Desktop Tips

  • Choosing drivers
    • When choosing drivers choose the MS driver first (i.e. the one included with the OS)
    • Never choose drivers with print monitors installed. Alternatively disable them after installation
    • PCL5e is preferred to PCL6

Citrix Specific

  • Where possible use the Citrix Universal Printer Driver (UPD) driver. You can force the use of the UPD by setting the citrix policy: User Policy\ICA\Printing\Universal Printing = Use universal printing only.
  • When connecting the client to a network printer use EMF mode. Also the print output should be sent to the client in indirect mode. You can force this by setting the policy User Policy\ICA\Client Printers\Direct connections to print server = Disabled
  • The following articles explain how to prevent print drivers being installed on XenApp servers. &
  • Disable in-box printer driver. User Policy\ICA\Printing\Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers = Disabled

NB – Citrix plan to release a “Universal Print Server (UPS)” by the end of 2011

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