Assign IP address to Dell Powerconnect 2824

To setup a new Dell Powerconnect 2824. In the below example I am using putty for terminal emulation although you could use hyperterminal, terrraterm etc.

  • Connect your PC to the serial port of the Dell 2824 and open putty
  • When it boots up for the first time you should see the setup program run (in putty). If you can see the setup program then ignore the rest of this article.
  • If it doesn’t run make sure the switch is in “managed mode”. There is an “managed” LED on the front of the switch that is lit when the switch is in managed mode. It it is not lit then it is not in managed mode.
  • There is a “mode” pin hole on the front of the switch. Using a paper clip push in the pinhole switch for approx 2 seconds until the managed mode LED lights. You are now in managed mode.
  • Set your PC with the IP address (mask and connect to the switch via ethernet cable
  • Open internet explorer and go to The switch management page should load
  • I believe the username is admin with a blank password
  • Click apply settings and the switch should reboot.
  • After rebooting you should be able to access the setup program via putty.

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  • Thank you for clarifying this and making it straightforward and simple. I think the Dell documentation on setting up the 2824 is very confusing.

  • I have one issue with this model.When i connect puty it show us to type console:>

    but I cannot type anything it mean that stuck.

    Could you help me, please?

  • Hi,

    I am usin puty client . I did not see setting?
    When I use interface in powerconnect 2824 switch, I have create vlan name 100(port 23) and configure as trunk port and then I don’t know how to use interface to switchport trunk allowed vlan add 100.

    Could you help me again,please?


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