Deploy an ESXi via Dell Unified Server Configurator


In the below example I am using the Dell Unified Server Configurator to deploy and operating system – in this case ESXi 4.1

  • When booting up the server press the F10 key to enter “System Services”

  • This will launch the Dell Unified Server Configurator

Choose the above options



  • I like to have a separate partition for the operating system. This allows you to use a larger block size on the other partition to allow for files larger than 256GB. By default ESXi will format the system drive with a 1MB block size and therefore a maximum file size of 256GB.






  • Choosing the “system” partition.



Optional – Check Bootable Volume


If after installation the server fails to boot giving the error “No Operating System found” then you may have the wrong virtual disk selected as the boot volume.

Whilst booting up the server press CTRL+R to enter the PERC setup screen.

Navigate to the below screen and make sure the correct boot VD is selected.


For further info on setting up ESXi please look at this article…

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