Configure Multi-pathing with VMware & Equallogic

  • Requires vSphere v4
  • Don’t forget to enable jumbo frames first (esxcfg-vswitch -m 9000 vSwitchx – where x= switch number)

Step 1: Setup vSwitch

Create Vmkernal ports for each physical interface

Step 2: Setup Vmkernal ports

Specify each Vmkernal port to use a specific adapter

Step 3: Bind vmkernal ports

Bind each vmkernal port to the iSCSI software initiator. You will need to know the vmk# and the vmhba# of the iSCSI initator. Run these commands in the service console. esxcli swiscsi nic add –n vmk1 –d vmhba33

esxcli swiscsi nic add –n vmk2 –d vmhba33

Step 4: Rescan Storage Adaptors

Rescan storage adaptors.

You should now have more paths to the datastores. Right click on each datastore and select manage paths. Choose Round Robin.

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