Install Equallogic Multipath Extension Module on ESXi 5.0 using vCLI

This article discusses how to install the Equallogic Multipath Extension Module (MEM) using the vSphere CLI.

Download the Equallogic MEM

Go to the equallogic website and download the Multipath Extension Module (MEM).

Copy the MEM to the ESXi server

Extract the .zip file you have downloaded.

Copy the .zip onto a datastore on the ESXi host. (In this example it is

Download the vSphere 5.0 CLI

If you haven’t already got the vSphere CLI v5.0 installed on your PC you will need to download and install it.

Install the MEM

You will need to put the ESXi host into maintenance mode.

Open the vSphere CLI (vCLI) and enter the below command….

esxcli –server=X.X.X.X software vib install –depot /vmfs/volumes/YYYY/


X.X.X.X = the IP address of your ESXi server

YYYY = The name of the datastore – note this is case sensitive

The Dell Equallogic Multipath module is now installed. You can verify this by clicking on the “manage paths” button in you datastore properties.

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