Moving VMs between Data Centers using Equallogic Replication

In this article I am taking advantage of Equallogic replication to move VMWare VMs between data centers.

Step 1 – Setup Equallogic Replication

Please see my other article on how to configure this

Step 2 – Prepare to migrate

To ensure consistency of the VMs I recommend shutting them down and configuring a manual replication to ensure the data in the other data center is a) consistent, and b) up to date

Wait for this replication to complete

Step 3 – Promote the Replica Volume

On the destination Equallogic you need to promote the replica volume to make it an actual volume.

Choose the options below

I recommend giving it the same name as the original to keep the VMWare references the same

Setup the appropriate access permissions for your destination SAN.

Click next and finish. You should now see the volume on the destination SAN.

Step 4 – Add Volume to ESXi Server

On the ESXi server in the destination data center rescan the iSCSI adapter

You should see the volume appear. You can then browse the datastore for the VMX associated with the VM.

Step 5 – Start up VM

Power on the VM and you will probably get the message below.

Select “I copied it” and the VM should startup. Once started you will probably need to change the IP address to that of the new local subnet.

Step 6 – Firewall and DNS

The last step you will probably need to do is make any firewall or DNS changes to reflect the change in location of the VM. All done!

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