Setting Up Equallogic via Serial Connection

In the below output I have setup an Equallogic using the serial port and putty. Note in this instance I have added the array to an existing group. I also manually set the address of the management interface.


=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2012.08.02 10:10:07 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

Enter the network configuration for the array.

Member name []: BJ-HQ-EQ3

Network interface [eth0]:

IP address for network interface []:

Netmask []:

Default gateway []:

Initializing interface eth0. This may take a minute…..

Enter the IP address and name of the group that the array will join.

Group name []: BJ-HQ-EQGROUP

Group IP address []:

Searching to see if the group exists. This may take a few minutes.

Password for managing group membership:

Do you want to add this array to group BJ-HQ-EQGROUP (yes | no ) [yes]:

Synchronizing configuration data with the group. This may take

several minutes.—-

Saving the configuration…

Waiting for configuration to become active…Done

2821:24:psgd: 2-Aug-2012 member BJ-HQ-EQ3 now active in the group.

The array has successfully become a member of group BJ-HQ-EQGROUP.

You must now configure the RAID set using the Group manager GUI or CLI.

Configuration of the RAID set requires that the raid-level be selected.

2855:32:psgd: 2-Aug-2012 member BJ-HQ-EQ2 now active in the group.

2862:34:psgd: 2-Aug-2012 member BJ-HQ-EQ1 now active in the group.

BJ-HQ-EQGROUP> member select HQ- J-HQ-EQ3

BJ-HQ-EQGROUP(member_BJ-HQ-EQ3)> eth select 1 ipaddress netmask 255


BJ-HQ-EQGROUP(member_BJ-HQ-EQ3)> eth select 1 up

This port is for group management only. Make sure it is connected to a dedicated management network.

Do you want to enable the management interface? (y/n) [n]y

BJ-HQ-EQGROUP(member_BJ-HQ-EQ3)> sh eth

Name ifType ifSpeed Mtu Ipaddress Status Errors


—- ————— ———- —- —————————– —— ——


eth0 ethernet-csmacd 10 Gbps 9000 up 0


eth1 ethernet-csmacd 100 Mbps 1500 up 0



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