Setup Equallogic Replication

In this article I am setting up replication between 2 equallogics based in different offices. The equallogics are in different groups and on different subnets.


  • 2 Equallogic Arrays each setup in a separate Equallogic groups
  • Connectivity between iSCSI networks. i.e. the iSCSI networks must be able to communicate with each other.

Configure Replication Partner

Login to the Array/Group you want to protect and click on “configure partner”

Enter the Group IP address of the other partner

Specify contact information and a password.

Note that in the below you are specifying the amount of space on the HQ SAN for replication from the DR SAN. You may not need this at all.

You should then log onto the Equallogic array in the other office and set this up in the same way.

Create Volume Collection (optional)

A volume collection is a just that – a collection of volumes. It allows you to apply the same replication (or snapshot) settings to a group of volumes.

Setup Replication

Once the Volume set is created you can setup replication for it. You can also do this for individual volumes.


Create Schedule

Specify the schedule – the below if for Daily at 8pm.

The LUNs are now configured to replicate.

Monitor Replication

You can monitor the progress of replication here.


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