How to Update Firmware Dell N2000 and N3000 series switch

This article explains how to update the firmware of a Dell N200 or N3000 series switch. To be specific this will work on N2024/N2024P/N2048/N2048P/N3024/N3024F/N3024P/N3048/N3048P switches.


  • It is assumed that the switch is on the network and has an IP address configured (this is needed to copy the firmware file onto the switch). You will need to download the updated firmware from the dell website and extract the contents.
  • You will need to have a TFTP server running and accessible from the switch. If you do not already have TFTP you can download a basic server from here
  • Copy the firmware file (.stk) into the TFTP directory (in this example


Step 1 – Backup Existing Config

Connect to the switch either via a console connection or telnet/putty.

copy running-config tftp://YYYYYY/backup-stackX

Where YYYY is the IP address of your TFTP server

conf t

enable password XXXXXXXXX

Where XXXXXXXX is your password

copy running-config-startup-config

Verify the current firmware version by running

Show ver

Below shows the steps taken in a real world upgrade…


Step 2 – Copy New Firmware onto Switch

In this step we are copying the new firmware onto the backup config.

copy tftp://YYYYYYYY/ZZZZZZZZ.stk backup

Where ZZZZZ is the name of the firmware update file. For firmware the file is N3000_N2000v6.1.0.6

show ver

Verify that the new firmware is shown in the backup config. Assuming all ok then we want to then boot off the backup config.

boot system backup


Once the switch has rebooted. Connect to the switch and enter a show ver to verify the active firmware


Step 3 – Update Bootcode

We then need to update the bootcode to ensure the system always boots with the new firmware.

update bootcode


Then issue a show ver to verify the active firmware version.

Note if connected via serial cable you can verify the bootcode version on switch reload. For this firmware (only) look for “U-Boot 2012.10-00077-g89d3a3e (Mar 18 2014 – 13:11:33)”

For further information look at the pdf’s including with the firmware .zip file.


Comments 3

  • You can use this to update an entire stack. However, when updating a stack of switches I strongly recommend you check the firmware update has gone out to all stack members (i.e. via show ver). If you end up with different firmware versions on switches in a stack you will have issues!

  • Is there any cli command we can execute to verify/show the boot code version ex “U-Boot 2012.10-00077-g89d3a3e (Mar 18 2014 – 13:11:33)” after the switch reboot.

    If we have >10 switches, it’s not practical to connect one by one with the serial cable just to check the bootcode version.

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