Exchange 2010 migration from 2003 – Part 1

Part1: Installation

In the example below I am installing Exchange 2010 onto a Windows 2008 sp2 (NOT R2) server.


Step 1: Prepare AD:

Raise Domain Functional Level:

  • Open Active Directory Users
  • and Computers.
  • Right click on your domain  and select Raise Domain Functional Level
  • select Windows Server 2003

Raise Forest Functional Level:

  • Open Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  • Right Active Directory Domains and Trusts and select Raise Forest Functional Level. NB – Do not right click on your domain this needs to be done at the top level.

Raise Exchange Operational Mode:

  • Open Exchange system  (on exchange 2003 server)
  • Change from Mixed mode as shown below

Step 2: Install Pre-requisites on Exchange Server

Install filterpack

Install the following from server manager

Install the “web server” role (and pre-reqs) with

  • IIS6 compatibility
  • IIS management scripts and tools
  • IIS6 management console
  • Basic and windows authentication
  • .net extensibility (and pre-reqs)
  • dynamic content compression
  • digest authentication

Under the .net framework 3.0 features add

  • HTTP activation (under WCF activation)

Open windows powershell (run as administrator)

  • Set-Service NetTcpPortSharing -StartupType Automatic

You should now be ready to install Exchange 2010

Comments 1

  • I recommend adding the exchange 2010 server into the AD group “exchange domain servers”. Seems to solve a lot of problems!

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