Part 2 – Migrate

Once you have Exchange 2010 installed into your Exchange 2003 environment you will probably want to transfer over key functions.

Public Folder Replication

Open Exchange (2003) system manager and navigate to the system folders. On each entry below “Offline Address Book” make sure that it is replicated to the new exchange 2010 server.

Do the same for the Schedule+ free/busy

In Exchange 2010 public folder management also make sure these folders are replicated

Upgrade Recipient Policy

Enter the below command in the exchange 2010 shell to upgrade recipient policy

  • Get-EmailAddressPolicy | where {$_.RecipientFilterType –eq “Legacy”}
  • Get-EmailAddressPolicy | where {$_.RecipientFilterType –eq “Legacy”} | Set-EmailAddressPolicy –IncludedRecipients AllRecipients

You can verify these policies have been upgraded by trying to edit them in the Exchange 2010 console

Upgrade Address Lists

Again enter the below in the Exchange 2010 shell:

  • Set-AddressList “All Users” –IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers
  • Set-AddressList “All Groups” –IncludedRecipients Mailgroups
  • Set-AddressList “All Contacts” –IncludedRecipients MailContacts
  • Set-AddressList “Public Folders” -RecipientFilter { RecipientType -eq ‘PublicFolder’ }
  • Set-GlobalAddressList “Default Global Address List” -RecipientFilter {(Alias -ne $null -and (ObjectClass -eq ‘user’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘contact’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘msExchSystemMailbox’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘msExchDynamicDistributionList’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘group’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘publicFolder’))}

You can also check these have been upgraded by trying to edit them in Exchange 2010 console

Send and Receive Connectors

  • You will need to create a send connector for the exchange 2010 server to send mail.
  • You will also probably want to enable the “anonymous” access feature of the default receive connector

Move Mailboxes

You should now be in a position to move mailboxes. Either from the management console or you can enter the shell command:

  • Get-Mailbox –RecipientTypeDetails legacyMailbox | New-MoveRequest –TargetDatabase <databasename>

You can check the progress of the move with the shell command

  • Get-MoveRequest

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