Troubleshooting Active-sync issues on Exchange 2010

NB – There are numerous problems with Android handsets and Exchange 2010 sp1. These are being address in future Android upgrades (2.2.1 specifically).


Go to the Microsoft website and run the activesync test on there.

Step 2: Manage phone in mailbox properties

In the Exchange 2010 console there is an option to “manage phone” in the recipient’s mailbox area. Note the time of the last sync. You also try removing and re-establishing partnerships.

Step 3: Check Active Directory Permissions

  • Open Active Directory Users & Computers.
  • Go to the view menu and make sure advanced features is selected.
  • Open the users account properties.
  • Go to the security tab, then click advanced.
  • Make sure inheritable permissions is ticked as shown below

Step 4: Reports and Logs

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