Setup Backup Exec 2010 R2

In the example below I am setting up Backup Exec 2010 R2 on a windows 2008 server in an active directory domain. There is a locally installed Tape drive. I am creating a single “daily backup” job to run on week nights.

Step 1: Create Logon Account

From the home screen select “1. Create Logon Account”. I would recommend creating a dedicated active directory account with domain admin rights.

Step 2: Configure Devices

Make sure that the symantec tape device drivers are used/installed. Check in device manager that the tape drive is using symantec drivers.

Step 3: Create Media Sets

  • Set the overwrite protection – I usually choose 1 hour. This should help prevent accidental deletion without stopping backup jobs from running at all.
  • Append – I usually leave as infinite.

Step 4: Install remote agents

You had the option to install remote agents during the install. If you didn’t install any or want to install agents on additional machines go to the tools menu and select “install agents and media servers on other servers”.

  • Run through the wizard and select “remote agent for windows systems”.
  • Enter the appropriate server and logon credentials
  • Choose the advanced open file option if needed (this is a frequent source of errors in the backup logs so I would reccomend only choose if necessary)
  • This may require a reboot so I would do this out of hours.

Step 5: Create Backup Job

Go to the “file menu” and select “new” then “backup job”.

Source options

  • Selections – Change the name to daily backup. Choose the appropriate files. I like to manually specify each server that I’m backing up under “user-defined selections” as shown below. This means that all the servers you are backing up are in one place and easy to find.

  • Priority and availability – enable automatic cancellation for this selection list after 15 hours (this ensures that the job isn’t still running in working hours)
  • Selection list notification – setup email notification for backup jobs if desirec

Destination options

  • Specify the tape device – if you leave as all devices the backup job may get targeted elsewhere.
  • Choose the media set you created in step 3.

Settings options

  • General – change the name to “Daily Backup”

Frequency options

  • Select run according to schedule. Specify time window and recurring weekdays as shown below. You may also want to configure the exclude dates and specifiy bank holidays (i.e. if there is no-one there to change the tape).

Click submit to make the job active.

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