Create a Broadcom Team with Netgear Switch

In this example I am creating a Broadcom Team (Using Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 3) on Windows 2008R2 with 2 Gigabit adaptors and Netgear GS724TS switch

Open the Broadcom Advanced Control suite and go to the Team Management section. If you do not have the “Team management” option then chances are you need to install the BASP component. This can be done via add/remove programs – choosing the change option and selecting the below.

In Broadcom Advanced Control Suite right click on Teams and select create team.

Give the team whatever name you like (I chose “Team1”) and click next.

Choose 802.3ad Team.

  • Add the required drivers. You can check the adapter names in the control panel if you are unsure which is which.
  • On the next screen choose “Skip manage VLAN” (assuming you are not using vlans).
  • Click finish. Note that you may lose network connectivity to the server until you have completed step 2.


Step 2 – Configure the Netgear Switch

Create a LAG as shown below selecting the ports that the adapters plug into. Set the LAG type as LACP.

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  • Hi, I have a question: what will happen if I don’t create the LAG?

    The reason I asked is because actually I’ve set up a team (using Intel NICs) with Adaptive Load Balancing, but I never configured the LAG, and so far everything works fine.

    Another question: Is your Broadcom’s 802.3ad teaming the same as Adaptive Load Balancing? Because if they’re not the same, *and* Adaptive Load Balancing works without creating LAG, does it mean Adaptive Load Balancing is better? Or it’s actually worse/not as robust as 802.3ad?

    Please advise.


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