How to Configure Wyse Terminals

The idea should be that you go to site, plug in a network cable, monitor keyboard and mouse and switch it on. The configuration shouldn’t be done on the WYSE but done in an ini file that the WYSE will access as it boots up.

Here’s how it’s done.

Initial configuration – (takes about 40min and is a one off)

1. Install FTP on a server or PC at site that is going to be on 24/7. Make sure anonymous access is enabled. Create two folders in the FTP default location (C:\inetpub\ftproot). They are “WYSE” and within that folder should be, “WNOS”. So you should see: C:\inetpub\ftproot\WYSE C:\inetpub\ftproot\WYSE\WNOS

2. Go into DHCP and create a predefined DHCP option. (in DHCP right click on the server name, click on “Set Predefined option”. Click “add” and enter the following details: Name: WYSE FTP Server Data Type: String Code: 111 Description: WYSE FTP Server The String value needs to be the IP address of the FTP server/PC.

3. Download “Wyse Config Generator” from the internet and run it to create an ini file that the WYSE will read. TIP: use the wizard to create a default ini file, you can tweak it afterwards.

4. Save the ini file to the FTP location (C:\inetpub\ftproot\wyse\wnos)

Each WYSE – (takes 5 min – or just get the customer to do it) 1. Plug it in and switch on. (You could use reservations if you wanted to control the IP’s but it’s not necessary)

The WYSE will configure itself as soon as it detects DHCP

If we do this correctly we can cut down any return issues. The Wyse will always look for the ini file and read it every time it’s switched on. This way it will never lose its settings and we will never have to go back to reconfigure it. The only time we will ever need to touch it again is if we need to throw it in the bin because the hardware is broken. It also allows us to lock the users privileges down better and also apply firmware updates silently.

For more info search Youtube for “Wyse Thin OS Network configuration”

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