Join a Buffalo Linkstation to Active Directory

Just taken me a while to work this out so here’s how to do it properly:

1. Basic tab of TeraStation (TS): a. Set name b. Date: set time zone (Enable NTP, default NTP server is fine)

2. Network IP Address Properties – set fixed IP address. DNS server must be that of AD.

3. TS must be on same network segment as AD domain controller.

4. Create AD service account for TS (I used the one I’d set up for Acronis) a. Password cannot contain special characters (IMPORTANT!!) b. Account must be member of Administrators Group

5. DNS: create A and PTR records for the TS

6. Create a computer account for the TS a. AD U&C > Computers > Add Computer name (TS NAS Name) b. Do not select “Assign this computer account as a pre-Windows 2003 computer” c. Do not select “Assign this computer account as a backup domain controller” d. After computer account is created, examine properties page; Delegation tab. Select “Trust this computer for delegation to any service.

7. Now join to Active Directory on the TS: Network Domain a. Network type: Active Directory b. Complete AD NetBIOS name; DNS name; DC name, TeraStation service account name and password. c. WINS is not required!! This will work just fine without WINS.

8. when done, click the Apply.

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