Setup vCenter Appliance

In this article I am setting up a vCenter appliance and configuring it with Active Directory.


1 – Download and deploy appliance

Log onto and browse to the download section.

Log onto one of your ESXi hosts and deploy via the VI client.

I would also check the time on the ESXi hosts is correct and matches the time on your Active Directory DCs.

Follow the wizard, once complete you should have a running appliance.


2- Setup Appliance

Log on to the appliance using the link specified above (e.g. Note that the default username is root with a password of vmware.

Run through the wizard using the default settings.

Enter IP information on below section. Enter the Active Directory DNS servers.

Make sure the time zone is correct


3 – Configure Active Directory Integration

Go to the below tab and enter your active directory details. You will need to reboot the appliance once entered.

Then log onto the vCenter web client. This is on https://IP-OF-VCSA:9443

Note if you get an SSL error when trying to log into the web client you may need to regenerate the SSL certificate and reboot the appliance.

Once you have logged on go to the below section and add the active directory details. E.g.

Primary Server URL = ldap://FQDN-of-your-1st-DC

Secondary Server URL = ldap://FQDN-of-your-2nd-DC

Base DN for users = specify the active directory DN

Domain alias = your domain name

Base DN for groups = as above specify the active directory DN

Authentication type = Password

Username and password = enter the details of an active directory account

Click ok and then I would recommend rebooting the appliance.

Once rebooted you will need to log onto the appliance and manually add any active directory groups you want to give permissions to – see below.



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