Troubleshooting Wifi Signal Problems


This is a basic guide to troubleshooting problems with Wifi signal.




I recommend downloading and installing InSSIDer. This free program displays useful information about the wireless networks in your vicinity.


The key fields to look at are:




  • This indicates how good the signal is – the higher the better. Note that as they numbers are negative -10 is better than -20.
  • If you are getting a poor signal – i.e. -90 or higher then you should look at boosting the signal – either via a repeater or changing the location of the antenna.




  • If there are multiple wireless networks in your area look what channels they are on and the signal strength.
  • Ideally your wireless network should be set to either channel 1,6 or 11 as these are the only non-overlapping channels.
  • If there are other networks on your channel then change you wireless to a “free” channel
  • If you have multiple access points broadcasting the same SSID with overlapping signals then I recommend they are put on different channels (e.g. 1 access point on channel 1, the other on channel 6)


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