SBS 2008 misc issues


Thinking of uninstalling IPv6. Don’t do it – very bad idea!

User Accounts not showing in the SBS Console

Probably because they were created in ADU&C. To rememdy this in the SBS console go to the “users & groups” tab and run the “change user role for user accounts” wizard. Make sure you choose “add” or it will ruin all group memberships.

Connecting to RWW on 2008 server with self signed cert

Unlike the self-signed SSL certificate in SBS 2003, clients can no longer download and install the certificate when browsing RWW or OWA to trust it. To ease the process of certificate distribution to clients and mobile devices, a certificate installation package is created and shared on the server when you run the Internet Management Address Wizard (IAMW). Each time you run the IAMW, this certificate package is updated. It is accessible from the following paths:

Incoming SMTP on Exchange 2007

By default, Exchange 2007 requires authentication for incoming SMTP sessions and this may cause incoming e-mail to be rejected with “530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated (in reply to MAIL FROM command))”. The fix is simple: in the Exchange Management Console, click on Server Configuration, Hub Transport and double-click on the default receive connector to view it’s properties. Click the Permissions Group tab, enable the Anonymous Users option and save the changes.

SBS 2008 & Exchange 2007 sp2

When you install sbs 2008 and exchange 2007 sp2 you will need to follow the following for owa to work.

Netlogon Share

The netlogon is denied acces by default so you cannot manually place your login scripts in here like we probably all do.

To map drives you can now use Group Policy but for it to work on Windows XP computers you will need to install MS update KB943729 and then just run gpupdate afterwards.

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