Decomission SBS 2003 Server


1. Decomission Exchange

Do not continue if you have not moved all mailboxes over!

  • Move all public folders to the new SBS server.

To verify that the public folders have been moved check the below folder. Therefore should be no instances listed


  • Remove now redundant connectors (i.e. the connector between the servers and the internet connector on SBS 2003)

Move offline address book to the new SBS 2011 server

Then go into the properties of the offline address book and make sure web distribution is enabled

Set the default address book used by the mailbox store

You should now be ready to uninstall exchange from the SBS 2003 server. To do this go to the control panel and then add/remove programs. Select “Windows Small Business Server 2003” and then the exchange option.

It will warn you if you have missed any steps. You may be asked for the SBS 2003 CD 2.

Once complete I recommend updating the address lists on the SBS 2011 server to ensure they are up to date.


2. Remove Active Directory from the SBS 2003 Server


  • Confirm that the SBS 20111 is a global catalog server. You can do this on the old SBS 2003 server as shown below.

  • You should remove the Global Catalog role from the SBS 2003 server (i.e. untick the box)
  • On the windows SBS 2003 server. Go to start, run and enter dcpromo.
  • This will launch the active directory installation wizard

  • Do not tick the above box – follow the wizard and uninstall active directory from the SBS 2003 server.

You have now removed active directory and exchange from the SBS 2003 server. I recommend then switching it off and leaving it for a few days. Once you are happy that there is no data left on it then you can do what you like with the old server. Reformat, throw it out, use it to prop open a door etc.




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  • Great article, but i am thinking “o, where can it all go wrong”. I am looking a long time for an article like this. Thanks and go on posting.


  • Thanks !!! Very useful !!!

  • Thanks for the article – a good add-on for the MS migration guide.
    I have an issue with “1. Decomission Exchange” – if I want to move all replicas, the new server just won’t show up in the dialog box.
    Do you have any idea why that maybe?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I must say THIS tuorial is much more usable than the Microsoft paper.
    Reading through all the references in the MS-manual is horror.
    Thanks a lot.
    btw: my heart skipped a beat when I UPDATED my OFFLINE ADRESS BOOK and it said “database not found”. So I went through the MOVE process again (database, right-click, move) and it worked like charm. All there where it belongs.

    And I urge everyone to backup the PUBLIC FOLDER with the OUTLOOK export functions on a client.

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