Share Printers with 32 bit drivers on Windows 2008R2

This article explains how to setup a shared printer on windows 2008 r2 using a 32 bit driver. You would do this if you wanted to make a shared printer available to 32bit clients such as Windows XP. This will work in most cases but not all.

If you try to add the 32 bit printer driver on the Windows 2008r2 server you may get the following error (the specified location does not contain the driverÂ… for the requested processor architecture):

The basic trick is to create the shared printer from the 32bit client (e.g. the Windows XP PC)

  1. On the WinXP PC log on as a domain administrator and go to the start menu, then run and enter in the name of the Win2008r2 server

  1. This will open a list of shared folders and printers on the Win2008r2 server. Open the “printers and faxes” folder

  1. From within the printers and faxes folder select “add printer”. This will launch the add printer wizard. Complete this as normal entering the IP address of the shared printer etc


The printer should now be available for install from the server to other WinXP clients.

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