Deploy Thinprint Client via Group Policy

In this article I will show how to deploy the thinprint client to multiple PCs using a Windows Group Policy Object (GPO).


Step 1 – Download Thinprint

Download the thinprint client msi file and place on a network share. In my example I am using the TCP client.


Step 2 – Create GPO

Create a GPO where you would like the policy to be applied. In this example all of the PCs in a particular site are contained in an OU – hence I am applying the policy here.


Step 3 – Configure GPO


  • Create a batch file that contains the following command:
  • Specify this file as a startup script as shown below. The simplest way to include this batch file is to click on the “show all files” button and paste the batch file into the explorer window that appears. Then click add and select this file.

Click ok. This Group Policy should now apply to all computers in the OU to which it is applied.

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