Problems with Thinprint after Virtualising a Server


After virtualising a server you may find that thinprint stops working. This is because there are thinprint components in the vmware tools install and these can conflict.

To fix a broken thinprint installation after virtualising follow the below instructions taken directly from


Reconfiguring a broken installation on ESX 4.0

Updating the VMware Tools on a machine with previously installed .print Engine will apply the following changes:

(1) new ThinPrint Output Gateway driver (v7.8)

(2) new ThinPrint Postscript driver (v1.0.0)

(3) new print port monitor (TPVMMon)

(4) TPAutoConnect configuration is changed


To get the .print Engine working again, you have to follow the below steps.

(1) create a copy of the complete ThinPrint registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ ThinPrint\

(2) remove the ThinPrint portion from the VMware Tools (see section “New machine on ESX 4.0”)

a. search for “VMware Tools” in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\

b. the string will be in an entry called “DisplayName“; we need the parent key name e.g. {FE2F6A2C-196E-4210-9C04-2B1BC21F07EF}

c. then run (as administrator) msiexec /qb REMOVE=”ThinPrint” /i {FE2F6A2C-196E-4210-9C04-2B1BC21F07EF}

(3) copy TPSvc.dll from the .print installation package to %SYTEMROOT%\system32\ (Server 2003 and XP only) if you can’t overwrite a possibly existing file, move it out of the way %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\> move TPSvc.dll TPSvc.dll.old (Server 2003 and XP only) register the DLL to the system %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\> regsvr32 TPSvc.dll

(4) register the AutoConnect Service to the system (Engine 7.6 on Server 2003) %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\> TPAutoConnSvc.exe /install (Engine 7.6 on Server 2008; XP; Vista; Win7) C:\Program Files\Common Files\ThinPrint> TPAutoConnSvc.exe /install

(5) add the backup ThinPrint registry key to the system

(6) add the ThinPrint protection key to the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ ThinPrint\ Setup\ InstalledComponents\ .print (RegDWord) 1

(7) clean up TPAutoConnect registry HKLM\Software\ThinPrint\TPAutoConnect

a. remove AllowedProcesses

b. clean up ListenToWTSCreatCmd to contain only: TPAutoConnect.exe –q

c. clean up NameTranslationEx remove these 2 lines *,*,*,*,*,true,false,false,false,TPOG!TPVM:, *,*,*,*,*,false,true,true,true,TPPS!TPVM:, and reorder the name translation table via MMC later

(8) remove the ThinPrint Postscript driver Printers&Faxes ??Server properties ??Drivers

(9) clean up the driver INF files

a. search for the term ThinPrint in the OEM*.inf files under %SYSTEMROOT%\Windows\INF TPOG 7.6: DriverVer=03/03/2007, TPPS: DriverVer=06/18/2008,

b. remove the not necessary INF and corresponding PNF files



(10) remove not necessary registry entries in HKLM\ Software\ ThinPrint TPVMMon TPVMW32

(11) reboot


1 – Example for .print Desktop Engine 7.6 on Windows XP x64

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