Installing and Configuring Veeam Backup and Replication v5

Installation Pre-requisites

  • Ideally has direct access to the SAN (e.g. will need to be on the iSCSI network). Will need a Fibre card if using a Fibre SAN
  • Veeam recommends 4-8 CPUs for the backup server. De-dupe is very CPU intensive! At least 2GB memory preferably DDR3
  • Needs 1GB network connection between Veeam servers.
  • If running Windows 2003 you should switch off automount (i.e. so it doesn’t automatically wipe SAN drives!). to do this open a cmd-prompt and enter “diskpart”. Then type in “automount disable”
  • You will need an account with “log on as a service” permission to the Veeam servers. You can set this via domain or local group policy.


This is simple enough – just a case of next-next-next.


Setup Email notifications

Add ESX or vCenter Server

You will need to add an ESX or vCenter server to run backup jobs


  • This works by creating a new VM from your backup file and running it in an isolated environment. For this to work you need to create a virtual lab (i.e. the isolated environment) within which this VM can run.
  • Note that in order to test a number of servers you will probably need to have a domain controller running (e.g. exchange requires a DC to run). Therefore I recommend creating an application group to start a domain controller (in the isolated environment) before starting your other server (e.g. an exchange server).


  • Once you have the application group created you can specify this as a pre-requisite of the surebackup job


In the example below surebackup is configured to test an exchange server


  • Consolidate similar VMs into 1 backup job to get the most benefit from de-dupe
  • Cannot backup VMs that use RDM in physical mode. E.g. if you directly reference the SAN within a virtual machine this will not work
  • Compression will decrease the size of the backup job but may increase the time taken for the job.
  • Direct SAN access is the best option when using a SAN (obviously the Veeam server needs direct access to the SAN)
  • If using local storage on an ESXi server use the network option
  • U-AIR requires the installation of enterprise manager
  • If experiencing backup time outs when running surebackup verifications then try increasing the timeouts in the backup job.

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