Creating a VMware Template for Windows 2008R2

This article explains my best practise for creating a Windows 2008 R2 template. You will need to be running a VMWare virtual center server to use VMware templates.

Step 1 – Build VM

  • Install windows 2008 r2
  • Install VMware tools
  • Apply windows updates (including other Microsoft updates)
  • Activate windows
  • Install any other standard software you install on all servers (AV, monitoring software etc).
  • Reboot as necessary

Step 2 – SysPrep

Go to the start menu, then type in the box sysprep. The below folder should appear – double click on sysprep and choose the options below.

Step 3 –Clone to template

Once the server has shutdown. In VI Client right click on the VM you have created and choose template – clone to template.

This process is likely to take several minutes but once complete you have a working template from which you can create as many servers as you like.

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