Update Intel Drivers on VMWare ESXi

This article explains how to update the X710 & XL710 series of network adaptors on ESXi 6

I had to do this to fix a Purple Screen Of Death (PSOD) issue when using 10GB Intel X710 adaptors.

Check Current Version of Drive and Firmware

You can check this via the shell with the command ethtool -i vmnic0

[root@esxi-03:~] ethtool -i vmnic0

driver: i40e

version: 1.2.22

firmware-version: f4.33.31377 a1.2 n5.06 e1863

bus-info: 0000:01:00.0


Method 1 – Intel NVM Software

Go to the below website and download the update utility.


You will want the XL710_NVMUpdatePackage_v4_50_ESX.tar.gz

Copy this onto a datastore accessible by the ESXi server and extract with the command tar -zxvf XL710_NVMUpdatePackage_v4_50_ESX.tar.gz

Change into the directory

[root@xxx-esxi-03:/vmfs/volumes/52c59127-f0806a72-fafa-bc305bd7326f/Drivers/IntelXL710/XL710/ESXi_x64] chmod 755 nvmupdate64e

[root@xxx-esxi-03:/vmfs/volumes/52c59127-f0806a72-fafa-bc305bd7326f/Drivers/IntelXL710/XL710/ESXi_x64] ./nvmupdate64e -l nvmupdatelog01.txt

Note that this did not work in my example, hence I used method 2 below…

Method 2 – Via Update Manager


Download driver


Note although its for ESXi 5.5 it is also compatible with v6 – “VMware ESXi 5.5 i40e 1.2.48 NIC Driver for Intel Ethernet Controllers X710 and XL710

The ESXi 5.5 driver package, also compatible with ESXi 6.0″

Install into repository

Create baseline

Attach baseline, scan and remediate

Verify Update

[root@cap-esxi-03:~] ethtool -i vmnic0

driver: i40e

version: 1.2.48

firmware-version: f4.33.31377 a1.2 n4.41 e1863

bus-info: 0000:01:00.0

[root@cap-esxi-03:~] ethtool -i vmnic1

driver: i40e

version: 1.2.48

firmware-version: f4.33.31377 a1.2 n4.41 e1863

bus-info: 0000:01:00.1





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