Extend a VMWare VMs drive

The below explains how to expand a VMware VMs drive using diskpart. In this example we are extended the E: drive of a windows 2003 server.

Another (and sometimes simpler option) is to run vConverter and create a new VM resizing the drive in the process.

Note- that you can’t use disk part to extend the size of a system drive. To extend a system drive you can attach the system vmdk file to another VM (i.e. so it boots of another system drive) and then run diskpart.


  1. Shutdown the VM
  2. Copy the VMs files to another location (so you have a backup in case the worst happens)
  3. In VI client “edit settings” of the VM and change the drive size

  4. Start up the VM
  5. Open a command prompt. Enter
    1. Diskpart
    2. List volume
    3. Select volume X     (where X is the number of the volume you want to extend)
    4. Extend


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