General Virtualisation Tips


Before Virtualisation:

  • Make a note of the IP info- e.g. open a CMD prompt and enter ipconfig /all > c:\ipconfig.txt
  • Install the latest version of vmware converter
  • Stop a appplication and database services


  • Run vmware convertor. Resize drives if appropiate and choose option to install vmware tools. I also recommend changing the layout to “thin”

After Virtualisation

  • Start the VM up not connected to the network to test. E.g. do not connect the network card or put in a vswitch with no network cards.
  • Set IP information
  • If happy shutdown the VM, shutdown the physical source.
  • Start the VM
  • Uninstall any hardware specific programs from the control panel – e.g. HP Array Manager, These are obviously not needed after virtualisation.


  • VM does not start – disk read error. Try virtualising again but choosing “SCSI bus adapter” as the SCSI controller.

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