Install Dell OpenManage on ESXi

This article explains how to install Dell OpenManage on ESXi 5.0 and ESXi 4.1

ESXi 5.0

This method shows you how to install this using the vSphere CLI. You will need to have this installed on your PC/Server. You can download it here.

You can also install this using PowerCLI, via the VMA or using Virtual Centre. I will write separate articles for the other methods – the virtual centre one looks particularly useful.

  • You will need to migrate/shutdown all VMs and put the host in maintenance mode.
  • Using the datastore browser copy the latest Dell Openmanage offline bundle file to the datastore (currently You can find the latest version by going to the Dell Support site and entering the service tag of your dell server.





  • Then via either putty (you will need to have remote tech support mode enabled) or via the console, copy this file to /var/log/vmware



  • Shutdown all VMs and put the host in maintenance mode.
  • Then open the VI Client and run the command

esxcli –server <ESXi hostname or IP> software vib install -d /var/log/vmware/<Dell OpenManage file>


You will need to reboot the server.




ESXi 4.1

In the below example I am installing Dell Openmanage 6.3 onto ESXi 4.1. Since writing this version OpenManage 6.4 has been released. I would recommend logging onto and downloading the latest version.

Step 1 – Downloads

You will need to download and install the vSphere CLI

You will also need to download the Dell OpenManage package for ESXi. I would recommend checking each time you install this as Dell regularly update this. Go to the Dell Website, Enter your Tag and get the downloads for ESXi. Note – there are different packages for ESXi 4.0 and ESXi 4.1


You should also check that the OEM CIM provider setting is eanbled (i.e. set to 1). You can do this in the vi client by going to the below setting in the vi client. If you have changed this value then you need to either reboot the host or restart the management agents for this change to apply. You can restart the management agents from the ESXi console.

Step 2 – Install

Note – you will need to have the ESXi server in maintenance mode. This means all VMs must be shutdown or migrated to another host.

Launch the vSphere CLI and enter the following command: –server <your ESXI servers IP> -i -b <directory and filename of download>

(note the double — before server)

For example:

Step 3 – Download OpenManage Server Administrator (optional)

Again from the Dell website download the latest version of OpenManage Server Administrator. You will want to install this on the (windows) PC or Server you want to administer the ESXi server from.

Once installed (e.g. on your PC) open server administrator and logon to the ESXi server as shown below.


At the bottom should be a “manage remote node” option. Select this to connect to the ESXi host.

Step 4 – SNMP (optional)

You may also want to enable SNMP on your ESXi box. Please see my other article on this….

Further Reading

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  • Nice tutorial!
    Thank you!!

  • If you get the error:
    Error connecting to server at ‘https://localhost/sdk/webService’: Perhaps host i
    s not a vCenter or ESX server
    a) Making sure that the DNS is setup on the ESXi host
    b) Deleting and re-typing the double minus before the “server” command (i.e. –server). Wierd but seems to work.

  • As with a lot of these if you are cutting and pasting you may need to retype the double hyphens (e.g. –)

  • I found that I had to remove double hyphens and and retype just a single hyphen for it to work. Very strange! Thanks for the post about hyphens 🙂

  • I am using ESXi 5.0. I ran the command ‘esxcli –-server= software vib install –depot=//var/log/vmware/

    But, I am getting the following error.

    Must specify a server name

    Usage: esxcli [options] {namespace}+ {cmd} [cmd options]

    Anyone has any ideas?

  • Did you specify the server name or IP? e.g.
    esxcli –-server=YOURSERVERNAME software vib install –depot=//var/log/vmware/

  • Thanks for these tips, I am a VMWare newbie and the Dell instructions were driving me around in circles and not working for me on ESXi 5 U1. One tip though, after the Dell zip file is copied to /var/log/vmware, you need to do a chmod u+x on the file so that esxcli can execute it. Something weird happened and locked up the server when I tried to esxcli without the u+x permissions.

    Also “-s” for the esxcli server parameter did not work for me. I had to specify “–server=”

  • The commands from dell work, you just cant copy them from the pdf becuase the hyphens are wrong. When you changed “-s” to “–server=” you changed the hyphens, which fixed it. Paste it into notepad and replace all the hyphens. There should be two in front of any parameter with an “=” in it.

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