Install Dell OpenManage Using Virtual Center Update Manager

This article explains how to deploy Dell OpenManage using VC update manager. You can use this process to deploy other bits of software (e.g. Dell Equallogic Multipath extension module). In the below example I am adding OpenManage v7 for ESXi 5.0. You will need to have the Update Manager plugin for virtual center installed and configured prior to this.

Step 1 – Add update to patch repository

  • You will need to download the Dell OpenManage VIB file from the Dell website.
  • Once downloaded you need to upload the Dell OpenManage offline bundle zip file (e.g. Dell_OpenManage_ESXi500_OM700-offline_bundle-643291)

Step 2 – Create baseline

You then need to create a new baseline. In “update manage” under the “baselines and group” select create

Choose the Dell OpenManage VIB

Select next and finish. You should now have your baseline.

Step 3 – Attach Baseline and Scan for Updates

You then need to attached your baseline to the ESXi server you want to update. You should get the below.

Once attached select scan which will determine if any updates need to be applied.

Step 4 – Apply Updates

  • Lastly you need to apply the updates. You can choose “remediate” to have the updates applied immediately. Otherwise you can choose stage to have the files copied to the server first. Once you have “remediated” the server it will likely require a reboot.
  • Once applied I recommend doing another scan to check that the server now meets the attached baselines.

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