Setup the vSphere Management Assistant



The below article describes the initial stpes in setting up a vSpehre Management Asssitant appliance.


Step 1 – Download and Install


  • Go to the Vmware website and download the latest version of the VMA appliance
  • This comes as a .zip file. Extract this file. You should get the files below

  • You can then create the VMA appliance using the .ovf file

  • Once the VMA files have finished uploading to your ESX server you can then power on the newly created VM.
  • Connect to the console of the new VM and run through the various setup options specifying IP addresses etc.


Step 3- Set Time Zone and Keyboard


Use the “date” command to view the current date, time and time zone info. If you need to change these enter the commands


Set Time Zone:

sudo rm /etc/localtime

sudo ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/GMT /etc/localtime

(If your timezone is not GMT browse the zoneinfo directory for other timezones)

You can set the time with the below command

sudo date –set “28 Jan 2010 18:00:00”

(note there is a double hyphen)

Set Keyboard

sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

(Choose the appropriate keyboard option – in the below case its “uk”)



Step 3 – Add to Active Directory (optional)


If desired you can add the VMA to your Active Directory Domain. Enter the below on the VMA console

sudo domainjoin-cli join <domain-name> <domain-admin-user>

You will need to reboot


Step 4 – Enable the vi-user account


By default the vi-user account cannot be used until you have specified a password.

sudo passwd vi-user


Step 5 – Add standalone ESX\ESXi server


You can add target servers running virtual centre 4.0 + and ESX\ESXi3.5+

To add a standalone ESX\ESXi server run the below command

vifp addserver <servername>

You will be prompted for the root username and password. You can verify the target servers in use with the command

Vifp listservers






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