How to setup SNMP for ESXi 4.1

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“VMware ESXi supports SNMP when licensed with vSphere Essentials, vSphere Essential Plus, vSphere Standard, vSphere Advanced, vSphere Enterprise, or vSphere Enterprise Plus.

The free vSphere Hypervisor edition does not support SNMP.”

The below article assumes that ESXi has been installed using the Dell ESXi ISO available on the Dell site.

Step1: Configure SNMP community

You will need to download and install the vSphere CLI. If you have just installed vSphere CLI you may need to log off and then back on for it to work.

Open the vSphere client and enter: –server <IP of ESXi> -c <SNMP community> -p 161 -t <Trap destination IP>@161/public

e.g. –server -c public -p 161 -t

Note- that if pasting the above be careful the “–” infront of “server” is a double minus

I strongly recommend you reboot now before the next stage

Step 2: Enable SNMP –server <ESXi IP> -E

(again there is a double minus “–” infront of “server”)


  • The above assume you are running these commands from a Windows machine.
  • You can view the configuration by running: vicfg-snmp –server <ESXi_ip> -s

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