Update Dell firmware on ESXi server with Dell Unified Server Configurator


The below article explains how to upgrade Dell firmware on an ESXi server using the Dell Unified Server Configurator. Due to the lack of a service console in ESXi this is somewhat trickier than ESX. There are 4 methods that I know of:-

  1. USB floppy – this is the easiest and doesn’t require a lot of instruction. Go to the Dell Website, download the floppy version of the update and create a bootable floppy disk. Boot off the floppy and upgrade the server.
  2. Bootable USB or CDROM – this is fairly complicated and not discussed further.
  3. Use the Dell System Build and Update CD. This requires you to generate an update repository – too complicated for my liking
  4. Use the Dell Unified Server Configurator (USC) – this is a feature of new Dell Servers and is the focus of this article. Just to reiterate you will only find this option on new Dell servers.


  • The server must be on a network with DHCP enabled. If not you will need to manually enter the IP information.
  • There must be FTP access from the server to the Dell website – i.e. make sure your firewall isn’t blocking this.
  • I would recommend logging onto Dell.com on another PC to check the latest versions of firmware for your product.


  • Whilst booting up the server press F10 to enter the “System Services” menu. The USC should load.
  • Once the USC starts you will need to specify the IP info (i.e. DHCP) and the network card to use.
  • From the “platform update” option you can see the current firmware versions.
Dell uniform system configurator
platform update

  • Assuming you want to apply a firmware update (i.e. if there are newer versions available on Dell.com) select “launch platform update”.
  • Select “FTP server” as shown below

  • Enter the FTP server as ftp.dell.com and click next
  • Wait a few minutes whilst the update repository is checked

  • Once the updates have been found simply select the updates you want to install and click apply.

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