Initial Setup of Watchguard XTM

Step 1: Connect your Device

With the network cables provided connect the firewall as per the picture below…

1.    Connect ETH0 to the Internet Router

2.    Connect ETH1 to Your laptop/computer

Now Power on the firewall

Step 2: Run the Web Setup Wizard

Connect to Watchguard:

  • By default the firewall will have an IP address of and DHCP is switched on in port ETH01
  • Open a web browser and type to start the Web Setup Wizard.
  • Log in with the user name admin and the passphrase readwrite.

Apply feature key:

  • Select create a new Firebox configuration
  • Select I do not have an active connection and click Next
  • Select I have a local copy of my feature key
  • Open the feature key you have already saved to your desktop select all and copy and paste the feature key in full in the space provided. Click Next. You will then get confirmation that the key was applied

Setup Networking:

  • Select Static unless the Public IP is provided by Dynamic IP address (i.e Virgin Cable) and click Next
  • NOTE dynamic IP on the external interface is not advised and should be static
  • Enter the static IP address of the firewall and the IP address of the Router in the Gateway
  • Enter the Internal DNS Server and a Public DNS Server
  • Enter the IP address of the firewall for the internal network

Set password and other options:

  • Enter a new status and admin passphrase (please record these in Secret Server)
  • Leave this unchecked and click Next
  • Enter details here – Device Name (enter a useful device name for example MyCorp-XTM21)
  • Select the time Zone as required *important to set exactly as this


  • You will see a Summary review page and click Next
  • You will then see a Setup is Complete page
  • Click Finish to close the window

NOTE: Your WatchGuard XTM device now has a basic configuration that allows outbound TCP, UDP, and ping traffic, and blocks all unrequested traffic from the external network.


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