Watchguard Multi-WAN

This explains how to setup multiple WAN interfaces on a watchguard firewall.

Firstly you need to change one spare port to be an external interface

On the Menu Bar click on Network and select Configuration

  • Select the interface you plugged in the 2nd external connection into
  • Click Configure
  • Enter an Interface Name – BT ADSL
  • Change Interface Type to External
  • Select Use Static IP
  • IP Address: Enter the Public IP address and Network IP you want to give the firewall
  • Default Gateway: Enter the IP address of the new Router

To change Multi Wan settings click on the tab Multi-Wan. Under Multi-Wan Configuration you will see four types the only two we will use are Failover or Round-robin.

  • Failover – You can specify which of the WAN ports will be the primary and the second port will be unused unless the first line fails
  • Round-robin – the firewall examines the internal rules and will load balance the traffic over both lines. *the firewall cannot determine if one line is faster to utilise one line more than the other you need to modify the weights of the line.

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