Setup Watchguard Web Blocker

The below document explains how to setup Watchguard Web Blocker

Step1: Enable Web Blocker

From Watchguard Policy Manager:

  • From the Menu bar Click on Subscription Services > WebBlocker and Click Activate. Click Next
  • Check the boxes for the Proxy policies you want Webblocker enabled (Packet Filters cannot be enabled for webblocker) Click Next
  • If you have a local WebBlocker database select Custom otherwise Click Next
  • Click on Add. Enter the Server IP. Click OK. Next, Next
  • Select the categories you wish to block from the list

If certain websites you wish access fall in the above categories you can add them to the exceptions list

Step 2: Configure Policies to Use Web Blocker

  • Select the policy you wish to modify and select Configure

  • Select the Exceptions tab. Click on Add
  • Type in the domain name of the website you wish to allow access (i.e ** this will allow access to all subdomains of and all pages if you leave the /* off you will only allow access to the homepage). Click Ok
  • Click ok to close the WebBlocker Configuration

Step 3: Updating Web blocker database

Need to create a scheduled task to update web blocker database on the web blocker server. There is a bat file in c:\program files\watchguard\wsmXX\bin\updatedb.bat Run this as a scheduled task in windows.

Step 4: Configure Webblocker Manual Overide

If a user wants to access a website blocked by webblocker you can specify a password to manually override this.

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