VMWare to HyperV v2v conversion using Starwind Converter

In this article I am converting moving a VM hosted on a VMWare ESXi 5.0 server to a Hyper-V 2008 R2 server. Most articles on this assume you will use System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SC-VMM) to migrate VMs, however in smaller environments it is not always practical (or cost effective) to install VMM. Therefore for this example I have used the free starwind converter tool.

Create VHD

First you must copy the vmdk you want to convert to the windows server on which you have the starwind software installed. You will therefore need a lot of free disk space!

Note you may need to open the vSphere client in elevated mode (i.e. use “run as administrator”). Otherwise you may get access denied errors when trying to download the vmdk.

You can download a copy of the starwind converter software here http://www.starwindsoftware.com/converter

Once downloaded and installed open the converter and browse to the vmdk file you have just downloaded. Again I recommend opening starwind in elevated mode.

Then select the appropriate output format. In this instance vhd.

Specify where to store the output file.

Assuming you ran the conversion on a different server to your Hyper-V server you will want to copy the .vhd file across.

Create VM

In Hyper-V manager create a new virtual machine.

Specify the folder where you copied the .vhd.

Set RAM and network as desired.

Specify the .vhd you have copied over

You should now have VM listed in Hyper-V.

You should now have a working VM in HyperV. As with p2v’s I would recommend installing “integration services” and setting IP addresses etc.

You will also want to uninstall VMWare tools if installed on the VM.



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