Creating a Global Name Zone (GNZ)

A feature of Windows 2008, a global name zone can be used to allow for single-label hostnames to be used throughout a forest.

It is particularly useful when phasing out WINS or when there are name resolution issues.


To setup a global name zone on the DNS server open an elevated cmd prompt and enter the below commands:

Dnscmd <yourservername> /config /Enableglobalnamessupport 1

Dnscmd <yourservername> /ZoneAdd GlobalNames /DsPrimary /DP /forest

dnscmd <yourservername> /recordadd GlobalNames <single-label-hostname> CNAME <yourservernameFQDN>

replace <yourservername> with the name of your server, replace <single-label-hostname> with the single label hostname you wish to use.

Note that steps 2 & 3 can also be performed in the DNS administrator GUI.


I would recommend then testing the resolution by pinging the single-label hostname as shown above.

You can verify the settings have been created in the GUI.

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