Performing a Windows 2008 system image bare metal recovery to VMWare VM

In this article I am restoring from windows system image backup to a VMWare virtual machine. This is being done to test the validity of the backups for a customer. The backups were performed to a USB disk connected to the original server running Windows 2008 (not R2).


You will need the windows 2008 DVD or ISO.

Step 1- Build Recovery VM

  • Connect the USB disk containing the backup to the ESXi server.
  • Create a VM on your VMWare server – note that it must have hard disks at least as big as those of the original server.
  • Add a USB controller and then add the USB device (i.e. the USB drive that contains the backup)

Step – 2 Boot into Windows Repair mode

Start the VM and boot of the Windows DVD (or ISO).

Select Windows Complete PC restore

Click finish and the restore will kick off. This may take some time.

Comments 1

  • I am trying this today, hopefully it will finish before i leave for the day. i have read in other spots that changes have to be made for the scsi controllers, etc, depending on what hardware it originated on. have you found this to be the case, or did it just work for you, lol.


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