Setting up a Group Policy for Folder Redirection

In this article I am setting up folder redirection to redirect a users “my documents”, “desktop” and “favourites” folders. In this example I am doing this for a terminal server.

Step 1 – Create Shared Folder.

Create a folder on the server. E.g. e:\redirected.

Set the share Permissions as shown below.

  • Everyone – full control
  • System – full control
  • Domain admins – full control

Set the security permissions as shown below

  • System – full control
  • CREATOR OWNER – full control
  • Domain admins – full control

Then click the advance button and set permissions for the “everyone” group as shown below.


Step 2 – Create GPO

Note that the folder redirection options are found in the user section of the GPO. Therefore you will need to apply this policy either to the OU containing the user account or you can use “loopback” group policy mode. In this example I have used a loopback group policy so this will only apply when logging onto the terminal servers (aka citrix servers).

Set the options for “desktop”, “documents” and “favourites” as shown below.

I recommend unticking “grant the user exclusive rights…” option for each of the above as otherwise only they can access their folders. This can be a problem for backups etc.


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