Generate CSR on Windows Server

In this example I am creating a Certificate Signing Request on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

Choose “create custom request” and set the options as below.

Note if installing on a TMG server you may need to change the above template to “legacy”.

On the next window click on “details” and then “properties”

You will need to enter the certificate details.

In the general section enter a friendly name for the certificate – this can be anything you want.

In the subject name section enter the below under the “type” drop down menu

  • Common name.  In the Value field, enter the primary name of your certificate – e.g.  
  • Organization
  • State
  • Country
  • Email (Optional)

In the Alternative name drop down box, enter subject alternative names if you need them.  

You may need to change the below settings depending on the type of server you are adding the certificate to.



On the private key tab enter the details below.


Click apply


Above I have selected “make private key exportable”.  This step is only required if you will use this certificate on another computer (e.g. in a clustered environment), or with an application that does not use the Windows certificate store (e.g. Mozilla Firefox).  

Click “ok” then “next”. Choose the location to store the CSR and click finish.


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